What Happens Here?

EpicMind is a luxury product photography and video production studio. The studio is equipped with a 60 Megapixel medium format camera system as
well as HD and 4k video cameras that includes slow motion capabilities and a digital motion control rig. We run alongside the latest Apple workstations
and software. The studio includes a kitchenette, changing room, meeting area as has 2 concurrent photography and a one video station. Wifi is available throughout for your usage.

The studio is headed by Vadim Chiline who is a commercial photographer, videographer and educator specializing in luxury products with an emphasis on jewelry. With over a decade of experience under his belt, he has worked with clients from around the world making his mark with his ability to create unique looks for each client. In his spare time, he works with photigy.com, where he is a regular contributor, mentor and course creator.  Loving food, especially the preparation of it, he also enjoys exotic locations, especially outdoors on his boat.

The studio is located in a beautifully restored, historic building near the Lachine Canal, five minutes from city's busy centre. Not only that, we're in the wonderful city of Montreal, a city with a touch of European flair.