Jewellery Photography of the Month: Tourmalines & Diamonds

Jewelry photograph of pink and mint tourmaline rings on black

Jewelry photograph of pink and mint tourmaline rings on black

Pink & Mint Tourmaline rings with diamonds set in 18k gold.

I shot this as a last minute image because the items had to be returned rush to the client in question for the JCK Las Vegas show. Sometimes the time to do jewellery photography is so short that we only have the time to shoot the requested images before they are sent back. For insurance purposes, it’s completely logical, but from an artistic point of view, you wish you could “savor” them more. I had a little spare time with this set of items, and so I decided to stack the rings on top of each creating a pleasant image because of the colorful interaction between the tourmalines gemstones: I should have called this one “peek-a-boo”, but now you’d find me silly. Rings that feature great workmanship, higher-end diamonds and stones normally require less retouching. This was the case in this image here. Dust was removed; a little bit of the rear-shank/gold was drawn out to be cleaner. Diamonds and gemstones were color corrected and cleaned-up a little.

A little background information about Tourmaline gemstone:

Tourmalines are the most varied gemstone out there: They come in nearly any color, and no two tourmalines are alike. Their color will vary depending on the light source used to look at them. Finally, many tourmalines exhibit 2 or more colors. This is why our jewelry clients need to specify what color the tourmalines must match to.