What aperture is the best for jewelry photography and why: science of the diffraction: Part 1

Hey there everyone! Some of you might have seen this video previously as it was first posted on photigy.com, but for those of you who might have missed it, here it is! Over the past several years on various forums and through direct contact, I’ve seen many images of jewelry or other product photography that are basically void of sharp detail and contrast. I’ve always replied back with my comments regarding diffraction and its effects.

In 2012, I wrote a blog posting about this very topic and has been a great hit. I decided to recreate it with some additional information. In the first part of this video I will be covering the underlying physics of diffraction in photography and in the second half I will be using a Canon 5D Mark III to showcase real world examples of diffraction.

In the follow-up video blog in the next short while, I will show you how I counteract diffraction or avoid it all together by using a process called focus stacking. I’ll show you my favourite software of choice, Helicon Focus and the various algorithms and variables you can use to produce great diffraction-free images.