Sony A7rII vs Phase One IQ160: The battle of the young vs the old / by Vadim Chiline

Hey everybody! It's been a while, again.... though I've been active over at Photigy as some of you know, as well as running my studio! I'm busy writing a new course covering the business of running a commercial photography business. I'll be posting a teaser soon ;) Stay tuned. 

In this quick review. I'll be doing a head-to-head test of my time-tested high megapixel medium format camera, the Phase One IQ160 against the newcomer, Sony’s high megapixel king, the A7rII.

The Sony will be mounted with the latest Sony 90mm macro lens while the Phase One body will be combined with a manual focus Schneider-Kreuznach 120mm macro lens. See who wins this battle of kings! Available for download are the RAW files over at (login required).