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Jewellery Photography of the Month - July by Vadim Chiline

Jewelry photograph of the month of July

Jewelry photograph of the month of July

The image above was done for our client Ex Aurum jewellers of Montreal. It will be featured as an ad in Weddings Bells and Marrions-Nous magazines upcoming editions.

Sometimes shooting away from the classic all white, or all black background leads to some wonderful images - Images that showcase sparkle and fire, alongside a mood for the brand or the item itself. In this image here for Ex Aurum, I decided to shoot on a leatherette and added some simple background lighting to add to the mood.Blue and purple are generally quite awesome to use with jewelry - they are very opulent/royal in lineage. I added a tilt to the image giving it a little more dynamics - too many times are images shot "table-top" straight on. Adding some "jazz" did this shot some good.

The shot was generally done "as-is" with very little post-production. Purple was added in post-production as well as a reduction in the blue being reflected on the rear shank of the ring by the client's request. We then added a little more blue in the actual stones, and removed some reds/yellows.

The lighting used were 2 softboxes + 2 stobes with grids. In the back there was a colored gel used.

Watch this same ring in all its glory sparkle to life in 1080p

We tried to capture the fire as well. Check out our upcoming blog regarding video promotion for your online, and in-store display needs. The sky's the limit to make your product shine.