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Jewelry Video on Super Bowl Ad by Vadim Chiline

This past month, during the Super Bowl, our client Reeds-Jenss aired a regional ad around Buffalo, NY. We provided the high definition 1080p jewelry video and their team assembled the ad which had quite a blockbuster-movie teaser’esque appeal. Please be sure to have your sound on and view in full HD.

Reeds-Jenss has trusted EpicMind Studio to help them bring their television ads to the next level. Future videos will be featuring beautiful collections such as Pandora. With broadband in everybody’s back pocket these days, advertising has never had such a great reach. Look at YouTube – ads are now visible more than ever – any one of these spots can be tailored for your desired market and demographic.

In the above project, Reeds-Jenss asked that we record multiple angles of each diamond engagement ring – they wanted to convey every intricate detail of the jewelry, sort of how today’s car commercials focus more on the details than the entire car itself. For the video, we provided between 12-20 angles per ring with various zoom-ins and outs, as well as pans adding dimension to the jewelry. Recording the diamond jewelry on black places emphasis on the scintillation of stones – on white, the effect isn’t as grand and emphasis is place more on the metal instead such as the case of wedding bands (or something that needs a subtle-soft feel for jewelry).

We’re looking forward to 2012 and the additional commercial spots we will be creating alongside our growing client list. Look for future posts with new ads in the coming months.

New Jewelry Photography & Videography Blog by Vadim Chiline

EpicMind is first and foremost a product photography and videography studio that specializes in jewelry, or should I say small highly reflective and refractive objects. With clients throughout Canada and the United States, we’ve had our images published in several leading consumer and industry publications such as Harper’s Bazaar, Modern Bride, Elle, Let’s Get Married, Modern Jeweler, Jewellery Business, Canadian Jeweller, and more.  We also create ads, catalogs, promotional mailers, and in-store marketing collateral under one roof. Vadim Chiline Now here’s a little a bit about myself, the author of this blog, Vadim Chiline. Like many other photographers out there, I first started photography when I was in my teenage years, with an old point & shoot film camera.  Loving it and wanting to get better at it, I saved up money and moved up the ladder with a film SLR. In the coming years, with more money saved, I purchased several lenses, professional camera bodies and several “how to” books. This led me to try several paths throughout the years: wildlife, event, fashion, and wedding photography.  With the advent of digital technology, and the purchase of my first digital camera, the Canon 10D, it made the learning process much quicker and affordable for me during my college days.

Jewelry photography honestly fell into my lap by pure chance.  After a long flight back to Canada from an event photography shoot in Las Vegas, I met a wonderful person who later became a friend. She convinced me to do a free photography gig for a masquerade ball in Montreal. The agreement was that I would provide photography on the spot for the masked guests and they would pass my name around. Sure enough, I meet my destiny quickly. A dressed-up guest asked me if I photographed jewelry.  I answered, “Yes, of course”.  For the next few weeks it was trial by fire, but so began my career in jewelry advertising.

This blog was started for several reasons: First to showcase ongoing projects, new technology, or trends in the industry as well as tips & techniques behind the camera and various software applications. Stay tuned; there will be plenty to learn.