Video Showcase

DSQUARED: HE WOOD - Rocky Mountain Wood Men's Fragrance Photo & Video by Vadim Chiline

We took a stab at creating a short 30 second spot and ad for this men's fragrance. Inspiring ourselves with the dark wood of the product and theme of a mountain, we keep this mysterious, with some fog, moonlight, simple synth pad music and some wind & crow sounds.

It was a series of new tests and learning experiences: Playing around with our digital motion control rig; working with dry ice; and toying with slow motion camera moves to keep the smoke from moving too fast. Quite the challenge. Never mind pulling focus, handheld light movements, and pouring the fog... We would have loved to had the arms of an octopus.  

Hope you like it. Here is the photo, followed by our video. 

Jewelry Video on Super Bowl Ad by Vadim Chiline

This past month, during the Super Bowl, our client Reeds-Jenss aired a regional ad around Buffalo, NY. We provided the high definition 1080p jewelry video and their team assembled the ad which had quite a blockbuster-movie teaser’esque appeal. Please be sure to have your sound on and view in full HD.

Reeds-Jenss has trusted EpicMind Studio to help them bring their television ads to the next level. Future videos will be featuring beautiful collections such as Pandora. With broadband in everybody’s back pocket these days, advertising has never had such a great reach. Look at YouTube – ads are now visible more than ever – any one of these spots can be tailored for your desired market and demographic.

In the above project, Reeds-Jenss asked that we record multiple angles of each diamond engagement ring – they wanted to convey every intricate detail of the jewelry, sort of how today’s car commercials focus more on the details than the entire car itself. For the video, we provided between 12-20 angles per ring with various zoom-ins and outs, as well as pans adding dimension to the jewelry. Recording the diamond jewelry on black places emphasis on the scintillation of stones – on white, the effect isn’t as grand and emphasis is place more on the metal instead such as the case of wedding bands (or something that needs a subtle-soft feel for jewelry).

We’re looking forward to 2012 and the additional commercial spots we will be creating alongside our growing client list. Look for future posts with new ads in the coming months.